Fractional CO2 laser

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It is usually used in the treatment of wrinkles, for skin rejuvenation, reducing hyperpigmentation of the face, neck, decolltage, abdomen and backs of hands.

Another application is for the removal of moles (birthmarks and skin growths).

Frakční CO2 laser Mixto SX


A fractional CO2 laser, which effectively reduces wrinkles and leads to skin rejuvenation, is used for the skin rejuvenation. Principle of the method The ending of the device sends a “grid” of laser microrays that cause vaporization (evaporation) of the top layer of the epidermis (skin) and support the formation of new collagen in the deeper layers of the skin by thermocoagulation. Thanks to using the fractional technology only a part (fraction) of the skin surface is exposed to laser radiation. Unaffected area surrounding individual irradiated micropoints supports and accelerates the natural healing of the treated zone. This radical laser rejuvenation eliminates the old skin, skin is streched, the wrinkles and scars of different origin are smoothed, uneven pigmentation and enlarged pores disappear.

Gentle dotting the surface of the skin will gradually disappear the first or second day after the treatment and the skin will acquire tanned appearence. In two days after the treatment it’s already possible to apply a make-up on the treated area. The third or fourth day after treatment, the layers of old skin will begin to peel gently and then the rejuvenated skin with a significantly better appearance and the balanced color appears. The fifth or sixth day after the treatment the complete peeling the top layer of the skin will occur in most cases. Mostly one treatment is done. During up to six months after treatment it is possible to observe the ongoing reduction of wrinkles and streching the skin – the increased production of new collagen persists. The procedure is usually well tolerated, neither the total anesthesia nor hospital stay is necessary. It is possible to use a local anesthetic cream to increase the patient’s comfort. Using the fractional CO2 laser face, neck, decolltage, abdomen, backs of hands.


The device sends a precisely focused laser ray, which causes vaporization (evaporation) of a tissue. The doctor may adjust the diameter of the laser ray and its energy. Thanks to it he carries out either the fine and precise cut for a gentle excision of the skin formation or a square evaporation of the unwanted skin place – a skin mark, skin growth, etc. Moreover the laser ray stops safely bleeding from injured blood vessels.

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