Medical Microneedling

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This is a new and highly effective method, which stimulates and increases the production of its own collagen in the treated area – skin rejuvenation.

This method allows you to:

  • restore skin firmness and density
  • smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduce scars, even after acne, stretch marks
  • reduce of pores, hyperpigmentation
  • preferably it is also applied with increased hair loss.


all skin types, even on delicate thin skin around the eyes and on the neck, the treatment leads to increasing the formation of collagen, elastin and intercellular mass without damaging the upper part of the skin with a rapid healing process without the formation of hyperpigmentation.


A pen with a needle applicator generates thousands of microjabs, then as a result “microchannels” are formed in skin, which are rapidly closed. Before closing the microchannels, highly effective sera against aging (collagen, vitamin A, C, E etc.) are transformed through them into the skin. Even the “needling” skin it self leads to stimulation of collagen, elastin and the result is multiplied thanks to using special sera.


face, neck, decolltage, hands, arms, tummy

Before treatment it is applied a local anesthetic cream, the subsequent treatment takes about 30minutes. The recommended nember of sessions are 3 after 3-4 weeks.

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