Lymphatic Drainage

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It is a set of special grasps that are done with a certain pressure, tempo and in a specific order. These grips activate lymphatic vessels and it improves the lymph flow (lymph) and thereby drain of the products of metabolism from the body. The manual lymph drainage is a painless, rather relaxing nature.


It simulates manual lymphatic drainage by using a programmable device that a special sleeve is connected to. This sleeve (on the upper or lower extremity) is made of a system of each other overlapping chambers, into which air is blown under a certain pressure. Ventricular filling is done according to the principles of lymphatic drainage and it again helps improve the drainage of lymph and waste products of metabolism.


Health indications

  • primary and secondary lymphedema
  • chronic venous insufficiency (heaviness, leg pain, edemas around ankles)
  • prevention of the development and progression of chronic venous insufficiency
  • posttraumatic and postoperative edemas

Cosmetic indications

  • cellulite, improvement of skin appearance

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