Wrinkel removal

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Wrinkles around the eyes belong to the first which women must cope with. Reduction of these wrinkles by using a surgery requires more specific medical approach than the wrinkles on the skin in other parts of the face. In the case of their elimination only the treatments are acceptable for a dermatologist where he is sure that they will not damage your eyesight.

In the area around the eyes due to these reasons it isn´t possible to use for example, a powerful laser for removing wrinkles and therefore we have purchased a newly developed device JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL as the first clinic in Brno. This device uses a derect electric current throgh which a ray of plasma is produced beam which is then used for the controlled surgery on your skin. We will reach the facial skin rejuvenation in the eye area without using a scalpel.

The doctor can work with this devicesafely around the eyes, this procedure does not require any preparation from the client´s side and the doctor realizes mini-invasive surgery in the length of forty minutes for both eyes. The client can go home immediately after the surgery. During the first three days, scabs are formed, which are gradually peeled off and immediately you can see the rejuvenated skin and the reduction of wrinkles. During the next two months, the results continue to be visible. Within a week after the surgery you can use make-up and also protect newly forming cells of the rejuvenated skin against the sun.

MINI-INVASIVE BLEPHAROPLASTY is a procedure when the doctor removes old, deformed skin cells at a particular location and it allows the formation of new cells, without damaging surrounding tissue. Moreover this procedure also stimulates the own formation of subcutaneous (hypodremic) collagen. Approximately one and a half months after treatment there is a significant effect of skin tighteningg arond eyes. The total desired effect is achieved after 2-3 months depending on the skin type. This procedure can stimulate and rejuvenate your skin for about two years.

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