Plasma Therapy

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Plasma therapy is a minimally invasive effective method of skin rejuvenation using regenerative power of his own body.

It enables smoothing wrinkles and overall skin rejuvenation by using client’s own blood. The blood plasma conceals in itself regenerative effects on skin renewal and slowing the aging process. It contains growth factors that start processes of the rejuvenation. Everything happens in a natural way, without the threat of allergy.

The treated skin is firmed, brightened, it leads to smoothing wrinkles and overall skin brightening with a feeling the skin looks several years younger.


takes about 30 minutes. It is taken a small quantity of blood into a special set and it is adjusted by using the centrifuge. Purified plasma including activated blood platelets is gently with a fine needle applied to the determined areas.

The best results are achieved with regular treatment 1x per half a year.


face,neck,decolltage,backs of hands

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