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New on the market. The device generating plasma streams which enable to achieve very efficient peeling, tissue repairing and firming, improvement of its flexibility and streangthen the immunity by working upon the tissue.


The device generates a discharge with a plasma formation by using direct current. It leads to evaporation, coagulation, and destruction of the skin cells. The treatment is very targeted and without a damage of the surrounding tissue. During applying a doctor treats the target area accurately.

The device clears Na/K channels of cell membranes of skin cells by using plasma streams, it allows to change the voltageof the cell membrane, thereby increasing blood flow, metabolism, cell rejuvenation and tightening the cell membrane. When this process occurs in the majority of skin cells in a particular area, then the skin tightening is visible to the naked eye.

Concurrently, thanks to the heat generated by the spark discharge we can gring specific curative serum ( vit C, E, A , acid. Hyaluronic etc.) very efficiently into the skin. These procedures are used for lifting, wrinkles and rejuvenation.


  • skin treatment, wrinkle reduction
  • stopping minor bleeding
  • reduction of red venules
  • reduction of acne, scars, stretch marks
  • reduction of pigment spots

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