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It is one of the methods of treatment of varicose veins, mainly reticular varicose veins (2–4 mm) and microvaricose veins, „ venule whisks“ (0,1–2 mm).

In this method,a liquid substance is injected into the dilated venules of the lower limbs, which causes a connection of vein walls and thanks to the gradual intergrowth of connective tissue it leads to closing the lumen of the vein. Treatment of larger veins is carried out in a standing position, smaller ones in a lying position, the application of the liquid substance is always in a lying position. Immediately after spraying the liquid substance a tampon of gauze is applied on the place of the injection, which is fixed with a patch.

After the procedure a compressive bandage is immediately applied on the limb and it remains permanently attached (in a day and night) for a few days (on average 3 days). After the expiry of this time the permanent bandage is removed, then tampons are taken down and the patient uses a compressive bandage at a load, thus during the day, at night he is already without bandage.

The consistent compression after the surgery (bandage, compression stockings) is an important part of the final effect, it should take 4–6 weeks. The longer and more consistent the external compression is, the more permanent the effect of the sclerotherapy is.

The number of sessions depends on the size and extent of the varicose veins, it is usually 1–6 sessions every 2 weeks.

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