Venule removal

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Vascular laser

We treats small venules and vascular bursts (eg. on the face, chest), it also enables to remove hemangiomas called „fires“, red and blue face venules, fine and small venule whisks on legs.

The laser light ray transmits energy deeply into the skin, in the blood vessel it is converted into heat energy, which leads to targeted occlusion of the blood vessel. This latest laser contains a local intense cooling, which leadsto reducing sensitivity. After treatment the skin can get pink above the blood vessel, “as after burning sun”, a small bleb can be created, gradually it is formed a small scab which will be peeled off spontaneously. After treatment it is recommended a protection against UV radiation (sun, solarium) for at least 6 weeks.

The control treatment is suitable after 4-6 weeks.

The result after the first treatment: hemangiomas disappear of 95 %, the venules in the face of about 60–80 %, whisks of lower limbs of about 50 %.


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