Multi-frequency bioimpedance analyzer of body structure (four-polar eight-point touch system of electrodes)

The analyzer of the body structure is a device that, thanks to conductivity and resistivity of the human body, is able to determine exactly how much water, fat, muscle mass, minerals and other indicators the body has.


  • BMI – body mass index
  • WHR – Waist-hip Ratio – abdominal obesity, threat of cardiovascular diseases
  • BMR – basal metabolism = a minimum caloric need of the body

R20 InBody uses eight touch electrodes, by which some electric current of various voltage and flow is transferred into the body, and thanks to it we can gain five different impedances for the body and separately for every of the four limbs.

This exclusive depth analysis InBodyR20 can attain the exact assessment of total body structure and it is also possibleto measure with it the muscle mass in individual parts of the body.

Thanks to this technology InBodyR20 shows the organization of fat and muscles in dirrerent parts of the body (trunk and extremities).

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