Plastic surgery

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Our clinic offers expert consultations and sensitive, highly professional interventions of aesthetic surgery BelleMED clinic, led by MUDr. Libor Streit, Ph.D.

Orders for surgery and consultations can be booked by phone on the telephone numbers listed in the contacts of our website.

At the clinic Dermi Ltd. we specialize mainly in facial procedures and tumescent liposuction procedures.

What methods do we use

What devices do we use

MUDr. Veronika
Vlachová Flášarová
MUDr. Libor
Streit, Ph.D.

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You will meet the chief physician MUDr. Veronika Vlachová Flášarová, or with a plastic surgeon MUDr. Libor Streit Ph.D.

You can book all examinations in person or by phone and for a specific day and hour.


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