Esthetic dermatology

Esthetic dermatology and medical cosmetics include medical consultation, examination of skin type and aftercare recommendation. It includes the offer of corrective procedures with respecting the client’s individual needs, for example a recommendatio of skin care cosmetics, skin rejuvenation, skin brighteing:reducing symptoms of acne, wrinkles, pigment inequality, improving skin consistency etc.

We also focus on removing unwanted skin growths, moles (skin marks), venules and hairiness..


Robotické celotělové digitální vyšetření znamének FotoFinder s umělou inteligencí v diagnostice.

Medical care – LYMPHOLOGY

Our skin clinic is focused on complete care and in the field of dermatology, medical cosmetics and esthetic dermatology.

We offer basic care in dermatology, phlebology and lymphology – care of patients with symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency and edemas of the lower extremities (diagnosis, prevention, treatment – including the treatment of leg ulcers and care of patients with primary and secondary lymphedema, including the implementation of manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage.

Plastic surgery

Our clinic offers expert consultations and sensitive, highly professional interventions of aesthetic surgery BelleMED clinic, led by MUDr. Libor Streit, Ph.D.

MUDr. Veronika
Vlachová Flášarová
MUDr. Libor
Streit, Ph.D.

Book a consultation

You will meet the chief physician MUDr. Veronika Vlachová Flášarová, or with a plastic surgeon MUDr. Libor Streit Ph.D.

You can book all examinations in person or by phone and for a specific day and hour.


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