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Esthetic Dermatology

Esthetic dermatology and medical cosmetics include medical consultation, examination of skin type and aftercare recommendation. It includes the offer of corrective procedures with respecting the client's individual needs, for example a recommendatio of skin care cosmetics, skin rejuvenation, skin brighteing:reducing symptoms of acne, wrinkles, pigment inequality, improving skin consistency etc.

We also focus on removing unwanted skin growths, moles (skin marks), venules and hairiness..

We perform permanent removal of unwanted hairiness by using non-invasive method – by using a high efficient laser .

Laser hair removal

Laser light energy is converted to heat, which destroys the hair root without damaging of the surrounding tissue. It has a high efficiency and it leads to a faster reduction of hairs. Sometimes it can be unpleasant, with burning senssation, but which can be removed by application of a local anesthetic cream.

Treatment is done with a depilatory and vascular laser Med Art 435 and it should be repeated after 6-8 weeks (growth phase of follicles), at least 5-6 sessions, for more permanent effect even more times. It can be performed in summer and on the tanned skin.

Wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation is individual according to client's needs. It si used several tested methods or their combination.

Minimally invasive methods

Non-invasive methods

  • Vascular laser

    Vascular laser treats small venules and vascular bursts (eg. on the face, chest), it also enables to remove hemangiomas called „fires“, red and blue face venules, fine and small venule whisks on legs.

    The laser light ray transmits energy deeply into the skin, in the blood vessel it is converted into heat energy, which leads to targeted occlusion of the blood vessel. This latest laser contains a local intense cooling, which leadsto reducing sensitivity. After treatment the skin can get pink above the blood vessel, "as after burning sun", a small bleb can be created, gradually it is formed a small scab which will be peeled off spontaneously.After treatment it is recommended a protection against UV radiation (sun, solarium) for at least 6 weeks.

    The control treatment is suitable after 4-6 weeks.

    The result after the first treatment: hemangiomas disappear of 95 %, the venules in the face of about 60–80 %, whisks of lower limbs of about 50 %.

  • Sclerotherapy


  • Modern minimally invasive method of removing unwanted skin formations without scars and bleedingis: JETT PLASMA LIFT MEDICAL nebo CO2 laseru

    CO2 laser: It is a modern minimally invasive method of removing unwanted skin formations without scars and bleeding.

    During the treatment the place of the treatment is disinfected and a local anesthesia can be applied – injection of the local anesthetic (thus a pain is not perceived). In small places where anesthesia is not applied, a client feels a slight burning and stinging in the place of the treatment. Eyes are protected with glasses during the treatment.

    Immediately after the procedure the treated skin place can be a bit pink with a slight swelling around. An antibiotic ointment is applied on the surface, and gradually the place is healed with a scab. After its separation there is a visible new delicate pink skin, which must be protected 2–3 months against UV radiation (sun, solarium), because of successful healing and preventing unwanted pigmentation.

    When the treatment can not be done:

    • in the case of diagnosis of malignant skin cancer
    • in the case of high-risk pregnancy
    • in the case of active inflammatory skin diseases in the near surrounding of skin formation (eg. acute herpes simplex, impetigo, erysipel etc.)
    • in the case of an uncooperative client


  • Dermatosurgical treatments

Hyperpigmentation or excessive color unevenness, and stains can be a result of genetic predisposition or ultraviolet radiation (sunlight, solaria) infections, hormones, acne and other effects.

The aim is to achieve improvements in skin quality and a reduction of pigmentation in affected areas.

To achieve goog results it is necessary in the treatment f excessive pigmentation to respect the principles of photoprotection, thus the protection against UV radiation (sun tanning) by the application of suncreams with a high protective factor SPF 50+.

Methods for the reduction or removal of hyperpigmentation are different:

Minimally invasive methods

Non-invasive methods

The care for problem skin includes an individual approach to each client, evaluation the type and quality of the skin with the recommendation of both medical aftercare, as well as dermatoesthetic aftercare including recommendation of cosmetics, skin treatment and corrective surgies..

For problematic skin we consider sensitive skin with frequent skin problems, which doesn't tolerate a number of cosmetic products. The patient feels discomfort – burning, stinging, a feeling of tension. There are frequent skin diseases – eczemas, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, etc.

Medical care

Our skin clinic is focused on complete care and in the field of dermatology, medical cosmetics and esthetic dermatology.

We offer basic care in dermatology, phlebology and lymphology – care of patients with symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency and edemas of the lower extremities (diagnosis, prevention, treatment – including the treatment of leg ulcers and care of patients with primary and secondary lymphedema, including the implementation of manual and instrumental lymphatic drainage.

  • Dermatology includes both the care fo patients with freguent skin disorders - eczema, psoriasis, infectious diseases (fungi, erysipel, verruca), drug reactions, as well as less frequent - bullous diseases, autoimmunne skin diseases.

    part of global care is phototherapy (Light treatment)

  • It also includes consultation, diagnosis and nevus (birthmarks) removal

    we use a modern examination method digital dermatoscope

We provide care for patients with symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (heaviness, pain, edema of ankles), with varicose veins and leg ulcers.

We provide functional testing of lower extremity veins using a digital photopletysmograf ( it determines the degree of disability of chronic venous insufficiency) and verification of their throughput using the ultrasound device – flow Doppler.

Then we recommend the proper treatment, including the prescription of compressive stocking, bandages and medicines to improve function, elasticity of the venous wall, instrumental lymph drainage and last but not least the treatment of leg ulcers using modern method of moist wound healing.

We provide care for patients with edemas of the lower and upper limbs at disorders of the lymphatic system. The care includes diagnosis and treatment of primary (congenital) and secondary (acquired – after inflammations, surgeries, traumas, cancer operations) lymphoedemas.

The treatment includes manual and instrumental lymph drainage including targeted and intensified compression, instuctions for a patient and regular checkups.

Plastic surgery

Our clinic offers expert consultations and sensitive, highly professional interventions of aesthetic surgery BelleMED clinic, led by MUDr. Libor Streit, Ph.D..

Orders for surgery and consultations can be booked by phone on the telephone numbers listed in the contacts of our website.

At the clinic Dermi Ltd. we specialize mainly in facial procedures and tumescent liposuction procedures..

Removing excess skin in the upper eyelids while reducing raised fat bags.

In the case of "sunken eyes", only excess skin is reduced and the missing volume is effectively supplemented with our own fat.

efficiently solve raised bags (bags under the eyes) or circles under the eyes.

We will surgically change the shape and size of your nose to your liking. We remove congenital asymmetry, correct poor breathing caused by low nose permeability and aesthetically adjust the shape to naturally match your visage.

We offer the perfect body shaping

Tumescent liposuction is an outpatient surgery without general anesthesia. Therefore, there is no need for hospitalization and the subsequent convalescence is enjoyed in the comfort of their own home.

  • Liposuction chin
  • Liposuction of abdominal areas
  • Hip liposuction
  • Liposuction Venus hill
  • Liposuction of external and internal thighs
  • Internal knee liposuction

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